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Unfortunately we have no puppies available at the moment.

 Benannand Puppies 

When we have puppies available from a litter we are always happy to discuss any questions  prospective owners may have on owning a Cairn Terrier puppy.  We always provide information sheets on diet, grooming, worming, toilet training, lead training and lots more to help you through the puppy stage and beyond with your cairn.  We are more than happy to receive phone calls or e-mails from owners of our puppies to answer questions or to hear about how the pup is going.  We love seeing photos of Benannand Cairns as they grow up. 

All our puppies are vaccinated, liver shunt tested, dew claws removed, wormed, vet checked and microchipped. Our pups are registered on the Dogs Victoria Limited Register so they come with papers but on the understanding they will not be bred from and will be  desexed.  

Our pups leave around nine weeks of age when they are mature enough to show independence from their Mum.  Both male and females make great pets but we do advise that if you have two Cairns that you have a male and female.

Remember the Cairn Terrier is known for its cheerful, friendly, loving temperament: its intelligence; its willingness to please its owners; its sturdiness and protectiveness. They make great pets and adapt well to many different situations, from living with young children to retired adults. 

Some tips to Care for your Cairn Terrier Pup

Here are some guidelines you may find useful when you are caring for your new cairn puppy.

Before introducing a cairn terrier to your property you will need to ensure you have secure fencing as being inquisitive they like to see what is on the other side of the fence.

Your puppy will need worming  at 12 weeks, 16 weeks then every 3 mths.  Heartworm prevention is preferred to cure.  We recommend  putting pup onto heartworm tablets as a defence against this affliction at or between 3-5 months of age, no pre-testing necessary. Again consult your vet.                                                              

Flea Control
Puppy- Use a gentle flea control powder safe for cats and dogs to prevent skin irritation. As the dog matures we use Advantage Flea Control available from vets.

Vaccination  When you bring your puppy home he/she will have had their first vaccination.  At about 12 weeks of age your pup will need its second vaccination.   Your  puppy should not to be walked in any public area until two weeks after the 12 week vaccination to protect it against any chance contact with an unvaccinated animal or an infected area.

Collar Training:  Start with a soft cat collar worn for a short period at a time.  Soften any leather collar with Vaseline or oil to prevent neck irritation

Lead Training  Attach a piece of cord or string to collar.  Allow puppy to roam freely for short periods with this  attached.  Then start short periods of  walking - don't pull it's neck off.  Have patience and have a reward for a good effort - pat, "good dog" & perhaps Puppy Chow.  Come - Sit- Stay etc commands start now.  Your Cairn will enjoy a regular walk away from home as they mature but should be kept on a lead at all times.   

We prefer to train our puppies to go on newspaper.  If the puppy is inside, then every hour  or so it should be taken out and encouraged to empty and congratulated when it does.  When the puppy is about 3 months old remove the paper and allow pup greater lengths of time inside.  We have found if the pup is allowed to relieve itself first thing in the morning, last thing at night and after meals house training is soon learnt.  Remember Cairn terriers are not dirty animals but all young animals have trouble controlling their bladders etc. but do try very hard to oblige their owners.  Don't ever try to rub a pup's nose in it's doings.

Your Cairn Terrier should be brushed weekly and claws trimmed regularly.  At least once a year your Cairn's coat should be stripped out to encourage a better coat. We provide a grooming service to help with this (POA).  (Look in the links for a great website on grooming your cairn).

Inside for its first bed your Cairn will enjoy a cardboard box with soft bedding inside as he/she will enjoy chewing the box (and probably the bedding).  Later you may like to introduce it to a basket.  Outside your pup should have a warm, sheltered and dry place to protect it from the elements.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any other questions you have about Cairn Terriers .  


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